Petteri Ikonen

Petteri Ikonen

Petteri Ikonen has been active in the fields of designing jewellery and painting over twenty years. He received the highest academic degree, Doctor of Arts, in 2004. In his dissertation Ikonen researched the interface between jewellery craftsmanship and art research. Ikonen's dissertation was one of the first in its field in Europe.

He has worked in art and research management at Helsinki University of Art and Design and at Laurea University of Applied Sciences and lectured for example at Royal College of Art, London. At the moment he works actively both as an artist and as a President/Managing Director in Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences.

Ikonen has designed and executed several design and jewellery exhibitions in Finland and abroad. His works have been displayed in over 40 exhibitions. His first international exhibition was held in Hamburg in 1988. Thereafter Ikonen's works have been put on show broadly for example in the Finnish design exhibition in Vienna in 1995 and in International jewellery exhibition in Edinburgh in 1998. His conceptual art was presented in Barcelona in 2005 and his paintings were displayed in Damascus in 2010.

Besides art and research Ikonen has produced several national and international exhibitions and he has been actively involved in developing Finnish art education.

Petteri can be reached at petteri.ikonen(at)kyamk(dot)fi